Digital Kumon now available in New Zealand

The world’s best mathematics and English worksheets can now be studied digitally, on tablet via the KUMON CONNECT learning platform, at Kumon centres in Aotearoa.

KUMON CONNECT gives students the option of studying the same Kumon Mathematics and English programmes, with a stylus, tablet, and digital worksheets, instead of the traditional pencil-and-paper. KUMON CONNECT also digitises students study records, allowing parents and children to quickly and easily check details such as score, worksheet completion time and overall study progress.

Paper and tablet-based study are very similar

Vichhika, a parent from Auckland, enrolled both her children into paper-based Kumon to improve their mathematical abilities. Later on, she switched them over to tablet-based study with KUMON CONNECT. Vichhika believes that ultimately, KUMON CONNECT and paper-based Kumon are very similar.

“KUMON CONNECT and paper-based Kumon are not very different”, Vichhika says. “The only difference is the paper and the tablet: the way they study, and the worksheets they study, is all the same, which is good”.

Her 10-year-old son Jerry also says both paper and tablet-based Kumon have helped him to make great progress in his mathematics.

“With KUMON CONNECT, instead of taking your paper and your pencil and eraser to class, you use a tablet with a stylus”, Jerry explains. “It’s helped me to improve in maths and to improve a lot in school. Now I’m in the top group [at school for mathematics]”.

Maintaining a connection with your Instructor

KUMON CONNECT students continue to attend the centre twice-a-week, maintaining those real-life connections with their Instructor and centre assistants. Parents continue to support their children to complete their worksheets to the best of their ability. Kumon Instructors create an individualised study plan for students, assign the work they are ready to learn next through the app, and support students develop self-learning ability. They also provide parents with regular progress updates.

Learn anywhere, anytime

To study with KUMON CONNECT, all you need is:

  • Your own tablet*
  • A device-compatible stylus pen
  • Stable home internet connection.

Next steps

If you are interested to learn more about KUMON CONNECT, please contact your nearest Kumon centre directly:

Should you also wish for your child study the traditional paper-based Kumon Mathematics and English programmes, please contact your nearest centre using the above link.

*Please check with your Kumon centre whether your tablet is suitable.


Learn what families have to say about KUMON CONNECT

Vanessa and Esme

“The intuitive interface of KUMON CONNECT is very easy for my daughter Esme to use and understand; it’s satisfying for her to review her results and see how far she’s come. Furthermore, it allows her to monitor the pace at which she completes her homework and this teaches her time management. As a parent it’s heartening to see her develop these skills while being engaged and inspired by her educational progress.” – Vanessa, a Kumon parent

Esme, Vanessa’s daughter, a KUMON CONNECT student.


“I like KUMON CONNECT because all my worksheets are in the iPad.” – Emily, 7 years old, and a KUMON CONNECT student

Emily learning basic addition on her digital Kumon Mathematics worksheet.


Allisha, Sam and Ryan

“I actually loved that Kumon was on paper, but the reason that we went to digital is because we’re about to do a trip of Australia and we didn’t want our children to go backwards in maths. Just having Kumon accessible on their iPad was easier for us.” – Allisha, a KUMON CONNECT parent

Sam and Ryan, Allisha’s sons and KUMON CONNECT students.


Yuki and Myla

“I really like the ease of use of KUMON CONNECT, how easy it is to track how many digital worksheet pages my daughter has done, and how long it took her to do them. My daughter is progressing very quickly through Kumon and I think that is because KUMON CONNECT allows me to closely track her progress.” – Yuki, a Kumon parent from Auckland

Eight-year-old Myla, studying her digital worksheet with KUMON CONNECT.


Disclaimer: KUMON CONNECT and screen time

For screen time, New Zealand Government guidelines recommend the following:

  • Children younger than 2 years old: no screen time
  • 2 years and older: no more than 1 hour per day.

For tablet usage, the World Health Organisation recommends the following:

  • For children between 2-4 years old, up to 60 minutes of screen time per day.

Tablet study with KUMON CONNECT is within the above recommended limits.


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