Kumon Mathematics and English now open in Porirua, Wellington

Kumon is now open in Porirua, Wellington, to support all children develop their mathematics and English ability.

Kumon Porirua Education Centre is led by Bharti Madnani, a former assistant from the nearby Kumon centre in Johnsonville. Being a centre assistant for nearly six years instilled in Bharti a passion for working with children and supporting her local community.

She says Kumon Porirua will have many benefits for children’s learning.

“Kumon will provide an internationally renowned learning method to Porirua, which has been missing in this area for many years”, Bharti says.

“I want all my students to become advanced students who can comfortably study beyond their school grade, and confident enough to take on new challenges in life.”

“We will help local communities and children to ensure they receive support through our Mathematics and English programmes.”

The Kumon Mathematics programme develops the quick, precise calculation skills necessary for the study of high school mathematics. Kumon English builds a high level of reading comprehension ability.

In both programmes, each worksheet builds on what has come before and prepares students for what comes next, developing students’ confidence and self-learning skill.

“Our instruction of the carefully designed Kumon worksheets will assist all students to become self-learners and gain confidence”, Bharti says.

Kumon Porirua is open on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. The centre is located at Level 1, 6 Hartham Place South, Porirua, Wellington.

Families who wish to enrol are welcome to make an enquiry via this link:


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