Kumon partners with Athletics NZ

Photographer: Alisha Lovrich

Kumon Australia and New Zealand is proud to announce a new corporate partnership with Athletics New Zealand.

As students and athletes understand the importance of persistence, practice and hard work in order to achieve results, both organisations have agreed to work together throughout 2022.

Under the partnership, Kumon will sponsor Athletics NZ’s 2022 Colgate Games to be held from Friday 7 to Sunday 9 January in Wellington, and Friday 14 to Sunday 16 January in Invercargill. Kumon will also support various local Athletics NZ events throughout 2022.

“Kumon is thrilled to support an organisation like Athletics NZ that shares our passion for helping young people to reach their potential”, said Bobby Nyoto from Kumon New Zealand.

“We look forward to connecting with local families and communities who are involved with Athletics NZ”.

Athletics NZ said they are excited to bring Kumon on board as a Supporting Partner of the Colgate Games.

“With over 2000 tamariki attending each year, Kumon’s partnership will help us to continue to provide an amazing experience and support grassroots athletics”, said Pete Pfitzinger, CEO of Athletics NZ.

To learn more about this partnership, please contact Kumon via our enquiry form:


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