Kumon places Alisha ahead in maths and English

Despite being only 11 years old, Alisha can already complete many of the maths and English problems she will likely see in secondary school.

Alisha, who is in Year 6, studies Kumon English at the Year 11 level and Kumon Maths at the Year 9 level.

“At school, I find I know a lot of the stuff already, often it’s just revision”, Alisha says. “Kumon has definitely made school a lot easier and helps me be more confident”.

Sonal, Alisha’s mum, she enrolled Alisha into Kumon to give her a challenge and stretch her abilities.

“If a child can cope with advanced learning, I feel we should just go ahead”, Sonal says.

“For Alisha, this has helped boost her confidence – she’s not afraid to take new things on – and it’s built her speed, accuracy, patience and discipline, these are skills which will stay with her for life”.


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