Layla launches ahead in maths

She’s only in Year 5 in primary school, but 10 year old Layla can already tackle many of the advanced maths problems that university undergraduates face.

And Layla, who aspires to become an astronaut, isn’t fazed by the inherent challenge of solving complex equations. In fact, she relishes in overcoming difficulties.

“It’s really fun being challenged, I think it’s a wonderful feeling”, Layla says. “I like maths because of the logic: however you ask the question, the answer’s not going to change.”

Layla says she was inspired by her father Liam, who holds a PhD in mathematics and is a former maths teacher, to excel in maths. Furthermore, this drive led Layla parents to enrol into the Kumon Maths programme in 2016.

“We’re personally not bothered whether or not Layla’s far ahead, but she loves maths. She wants to be far ahead and she wanted to do Kumon, so we supported her”, says Nancy, Layla’s mother.

Kumon Maths supports students learning by assigning them personalised learning programmes to develop their maths ability. In Kumon Maths, advanced students, like Layla, can tackle learning that sufficiently challenges their skills and piques their interest.

“For growing a student’s maths ability, Kumon is basically ‘practice makes perfect’”, Liam says.

“Whether this is by memorising times tables or learning and applying formulas, practise helps you to spot the same patterns and gives you more confidence with more complex problems.”

The Kumon Maths curriculum covers content from the preschool level, all the way to undergraduate university. Layla finished Kumon Maths last year.

Liam, meanwhile, says being strong in maths goes beyond just being good with numbers.

“It gives you the discipline not just to work out whether you’ve been given the correct change to pay for something, but actually spot patterns in things which may actually have nothing to do with numbers”, Liam says.

“It trains you in logic.”


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