Mangere students prepare for their futures, now

By building a solid foundation in mathematics and English, students from Kumon Mangere Education Centre are widening their options for pursuing their goals and interests in later life.

Sisters Bella-Rosa Lealiifano, 11 years old, and Losaline Lealiifano-Salakielu, 10 years old, both study the Mathematics and English programmes at Kumon Mangere. They both say Kumon helped them with school and boosted their confidence.

“I’m now really good at maths”, Losaline said. “I can assist my classmates and try to explain how I can come to the answers of my work.”

Bella-Rosa said she is more confident now than when she started Kumon.

“I don’t have to rely on anybody to really help me, and I am more motivated and keener to do all my work”, Bella-Rosa said.

Since Losaline and Bella-Rosa are growing in maths and English skills, and self-confidence, they believe persevering with Kumon will give them more choice later in life.

“I will be able apply myself to anything that I’m interested in, without the worry of issues like my written English not being at an acceptable standard.  I will also be able to apply for a job that requires good mathematical knowledge and understanding”, Losaline said

“I hope that with any opportunity that I come across; I have the confidence to give it my best attempt.”

While Bella-Rosa and Losaline do not yet know what they would like to be when they grow up, they would like to pursue a career involving mathematics.

Olivine Lealiifano, Bella-Rosa and Losaline’s mother, said Kumon will help her daughters to pursue their interests.

“There are jobs out there that you won’t know about until you’re in college”, Olivine said. “These are the years for Bella-Rosa and Losaline to acquire skills in English and maths. This is so when they get to college, and they see these other careers, they can pursue them without feeling restricted or incompetent.”

Florence Fakaongo, 7 years old, is also a Mathematics and English student at Kumon Mangere. She hopes to become a teacher when she grows up.  Like Losaline and Bella-Rosa, Florence said Kumon is helping her develop the confidence she will need to reach her goal.

“Kumon will help me to be able to solve problems and to focus on my studies when I go to high school”, Florence said.

Nanisi Fakaongo, Florence’s mother, said the extra support her daughter is receiving for her education will be of great benefit for her future.

“I believe it is important to support and invest in education, because it is one of the most important tools you can receive”, Nanisi said. “The more knowledge you can gain, the more opportunities will open up to allow you to have a good career and experience personal growth.”

Florence, a student from Kumon Mangere.


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