Tia advances ahead in maths and English

Despite being in Year 3 primary school, seven year old Tia can solve maths and English problems that Year 6 students work through.

Tia developed her advanced abilities through study of the Kumon Maths and English programmes since 2015. Tia studies at Kumon Pakuranga Education Centre.

Kumon is a personalised after-school tuition programmes which allow students to study at their own pace. This means advanced students, like Tia, can go ahead to study content that is above their school grade. Those who may be falling behind can go back to practise and revise.

Tia says Kumon has helped her greatly in school.

“I am more confident and am able to help other kids in my class with their learning”, Tia says. “I find it easy to do my work in school. I am able to learn things quickly.”

Tia aspires to become a doctor when she grows up.

Tia’s parents say that Kumon helped her daughter to develop skills that will benefit her throughout school and beyond.

“Kumon has helped Tia develop the habit of studying on a daily basis and she has become more confident”, they say.

“Kumon helps kids with their learning and it helps in overall child development.”


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