Year 5 student Cheston studies calculus with Kumon Mathematics

Auckland student Cheston can already study university-level mathematics, and he has not even finished primary school yet.

Cheston, in Year 5 at school, comfortably studies calculus concepts, like differential equations and advanced differentiation and integration, in his Kumon Mathematics worksheets.

Since Cheston is in the final stages of Kumon Mathematics, he self-learns his way through difficult concepts. Self-learning is the ability to take in information, process, retain and understand it, without having to rely on being taught every new topic or concept.

“Kumon helps me face and handle challenges, and to gain confidence in myself,” Cheston says.

Cheston enrolled into Kumon Henderson Education Centre at the age of 3. His mother Vivien says Cheston’s Kumon Instructor individualised the pace of Cheston’s learning to his needs, helping him greatly in his progress.

“The flexibility of Kumon allows Cheston to study at his own pace, which doesn’t put too much pressure on him while helping him to grow and gain confidence,” she says.

Vivien also says Kumon will have long-term benefits for her son.

“Cheston is motivated to learn and to open up his mind to more challenges. Kumon has helped him to build a very good foundation in his learning journey and future growth,” Vivien says.

Cheston hopes to become an accountant or mathematics professor when he grows up.


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