Anna participated in Kumon’s Free Trial. She went on to build mental calculation, confidence and a daily study habit

Anna, who enrolled into Kumon after experiencing a Free Trial.

Anna, now in Year 9, enrolled into Kumon after experiencing a Free Trial.

Anna studies Kumon Mathematics one year ahead of her school grade, indicating she has developed strong mental calculation skills. Paula, Anna’s mother, says there are many other ways that Kumon supported her daughter.

“Anna likes to achieve; I think she’s seen herself improve over time”, Paula says. “She gets a lot of satisfaction from Kumon. It’s not easy; she’s struggled sometimes. It’s given her a good sense of what she can do.”

Anna has also become a self-motivated learner with a daily study habit. She continued studying her worksheets during an overseas trip several years ago.

“I didn’t want to fall out of the habit of doing my Kumon Maths homework. I thought I might fall behind if I didn’t do it on the trip”, Anna says.

“My two cousins who were with me on the trip also do Kumon. We helped each other during the evenings when we had lots of spare time”.

Anna aspires to be a doctor or scientist when she grows up.

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