After experiencing a Kumon Free Trial, Maya developed confidence in the basics of mathematics and reading

Maya, in Year 4 at school, trialed Kumon two years ago as COVID-19 restrictions began to lift. Her mother Stephanie was concerned Maya was falling behind and so sought Kumon’s support.

“For Maya, after maybe a couple of months of Kumon, her school teacher said she was doing better, and she was raised to the top of the class”, Stephanie explains. “I guess that also gave her confidence in class, which is a positive cycle.”

Maya currently studies Kumon Mathematics and English at a level that is slightly above her school grade level. Stephanie says she greatly appreciates Kumon’s focus on the basics.

“I’m an engineer and knowing basic subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division without even thinking about it, like breathing, is such a big step towards doing well in advanced maths, physics and all of those fields”, Stephanie says.

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