Parents’ role in Kumon’s partnership for progress

Parents play an integral role in their children’s education, with research consistently demonstrating a clear link between positive parent engagement and higher academic results. Children also develop attributes such as confidence and motivation as a result.

Kumon recognises this link. Therefore, parents play a vital role in supporting children in their worksheet study. This includes monitoring their home study, encouraging children to complete their worksheets to the best of their ability, and assisting with the marking of homework and corrections.

“I think helping children with their worksheets at home is really important because it encourages and motivates them”, explains Daniella, a Kumon parent. “If they don’t know the work, that’s going to be a detriment to their work later on. Always encouraging them, and facilitating the strategies in their learning is really important”.

While extra support from parents is often necessary in the early stages of enrolment into Kumon, children develop routine and independence. This is Daniella’s experience.

“My children are 10 and 8 years old, and they’ve actually become independent learners through this programme”, she says. “So, at this point in time, they independently get their worksheets out and start doing their worksheets”.

With the support of parents like Daniella, the partnership between, student, parent and Kumon Instructor works for the benefit of children, and Kumon students can comfortably study beyond school grade level.

Thank you, Kumon parents, for all the support you provide your children in their worksheet study.


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