Hetanshi tops Cambridge International mathematics in New Zealand

Hetanshi, a former Kumon Mathematics student.

Hetanshi, 17 years old, in Year 12 at school and a former Kumon Mathematics student, topped the class in New Zealand by achieving first place in Cambridge International AS Level Mathematics.

Cambridge International AS Level Mathematics develops a range of skills in students including working with mathematical information, thinking logically and independently, considering accuracy, modelling situations mathematically, and analysing results and reflecting on findings. This programme and examinations are administered by Cambridge International, working with the University of Cambridge.

Hetanshi says her five years of study of the Kumon Mathematics programme helped her greatly in the examination for Cambridge International, and in her schooling too.

“Kumon takes you out of your comfort zone, so when I’m faced with new problems, I don’t run away from them, I attack them”, Hetanshi says.

“I think Kumon has helped me to carry out tasks with speed and accuracy, as well as confidence, which I think is a very crucial skill. This will definitely help me achieve my future endeavors to the best of my ability”.

Hetanshi hopes to pursue a career in science or mathematics once she finishes high school.

Manoj, Hetanshi’s father, says he enrolled his daughter into Kumon so she could develop good learning habits from an early age.

“Kumon develops self-learning techniques which helps kids to go beyond their comfort zone and to start developing their skills, even from the young age while they’re in primary school”, Manoj says.

“This doesn’t only help in school, but actually helps in their future profession and even in real life”.


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