The numbers add up for Gisele, Chace and Charmaine

For siblings – 9 year old Gisele, and 8 year old Chace and Charmaine – numbers are a breeze.

The siblings have always had an affinity for numbers which their parents, Holly and Ady, were keen to nurture. As such, they enrolled their kids into Kumon.

“We discovered their interest and ability in mathematics while they were at Kindergarten,” Holly and Ady explain.

“Therefore, we hoped to find a well‐recognised system that can enhance their ability and equip them with the necessary learning skills”.

Gisele, Chace and Charmaine all aspire to be medical professionals when they grow up. They say Kumon has helped them become confident, independent learners.

“Kumon gives us a systematic way to practice our knowledge with clear achievements and targets”, say Gisele, Chace and Charmaine.

“Sometimes, we experience difficulty when studying advanced maths, but we are willing to learn by ourselves and find it fun to face the challenges ahead and we are determined to conquer them”.


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