Yahya develops a strong maths foundation

Yahya, 10 years old, is already a numbers whizz.

In Kumon Maths, he is already comfortably studying equations that Year 12 students work through.

“After getting this far in Kumon, I find it very easy to do maths in school”, Yahya says. “I can finish my work very fast and with no problems.”

“It feels very good that I can do advanced maths.”

Hamood and Shamama, Yahya’s parents, enrolled Yahya into Kumon Maths after seeing how his elder brother benefitted from the programme.

They say Kumon has helped Yahya develop a strong foundation in mathematics.

“Kumon has helped him to grasp complex maths concepts and to polish his mental skills”, Hamood and Shamama say.

“It’s also important that he has a strong foundation in mathematics as it is the basis of many fields of study which he may choose to pursue later in life.”


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